GOP Ready to Invoke 25th Amendment to Remove Biden

( – Republican officials called to invoke the 25th Amendment against US President Joe Biden on February 8, following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which revealed the commander-in-chief’s mental health deterioration. The GOP leaders claimed it was the proper “time” to take the step, insisting that no president can “lead the free world” if he’s not “competent to stand trial.”

While the report detailed President Biden’s cognitive decline, Special Counsel Hur concluded that prosecuting him was unlikely. However, Republican officials urged the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment as soon as possible, which addresses disability procedures and presidential succession. The GOP leaders claimed that impeachment would be an alternative, questioning the way so many Democrats lie to Americans by saying President Biden is “competent enough” to remain as the US commander-in-chief.

In a statement, Illinois Republican Representative Mary Miller said that the president “must resign” for the United States’ safety, as he can’t even remember “basic facts” about his personal life. She claimed that he’s putting the country at risk, noting that the Cabinet needs to invoke the 25th Amendment if he refuses to resign.

On her Twitter account, Georgia Republican Representative Marjory Taylor Greene said that the Special Counsel’s report exposed that the president’s mental decline was severe. She stated the report must prompt Republicans to impeach him or invoke the amendment.

In a joint statement, House Majority Whip and Montana Republican Tom Emmer, along with House Speaker Mike Johnson, House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefani, and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, said they were worried. They explained that the report’s findings were “disturbing” as they showed that the president was so incapable that he couldn’t be held accountable for mishandling classified records, which makes him “unfit for the Oval Office.”

Other Republicans, such as Georgia Representative Mike Collins, Texas Representative Pat Fallon, Montana Representative Josh Hawley, and Florida Representative Mike Waltz, also called for the 25th Amendment.

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