Father and Son Duo Arrested in Connection to Brutal Murders

Father and Son Duo Arrested in Connection to Brutal Murders

(NationRise.com) – Authorities announced on January 3 that they arrested a father and son duo connected to the murder of Matthew Guerra and his pregnant teenage girlfriend, Savannah Soto. During a press conference, Sargeant Washington Moscoso said that the suspects are 19-year-old Christopher Preciado and 53-year-old Ramon Preciado. He told reporters that the father will be formally charged with abuse of a corpse while the son will be formally charged with capital murder.

When asked about how police officers determined that the father and son duo were behind the brutal murders, Moscoso told reporters that they collected “key evidence” at the crime scene, which included Soto’s smartphone. He added that the department’s technology team worked along with the United States Secret Service to eventually obtain a vast amount of information that allowed officers to determine the location of the suspect’s vehicle. Moscoso explained that they found the vehicle thanks to a surveillance video.

The sergeant told reporters that the video was immediately given to detectives, who located the car and executed a surveillance operation on it. Moscoso said the operation was successful, as detectives were able to locate the suspects’ house by following their vehicle. He also pointed out that the department believes that the case was a “narcotic deal that went badly.”

On December 26, 18-year-old Soto and 22-year-old Guerra were found dead inside a gray Kia Optima. The car was in a parking lot of the Medical Apartments’ Colinas, on San Antonio’s Northwest Side. Authorities pointed out they had been missing for two weeks.

In a statement, the Bexar County Medical Examiner noted that Guerra and Soto died after being shot and determined that their deaths were homicides. The department also confirmed that there are no other suspects connected with the incident. Different reports noted that other charges against the Preciado duo are currently pending.

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