Elderly Neighbor Shoots Multiple People Including Four Children

(NationRise.com) – Nebraska State Patrol revealed that a 74-year-old Nebraska man fired multiple shots on June 29 at his neighbors, shooting four children and seven adults who are all believed to be Hispanic. Police officers detailed that the suspect, Billy Booth, yelled at his neighbors before shooting them to “Speak English” and to “go back where you came from.”

The Nebraska State Patrol explained that Booth shot at them from inside his house in Crete. Most of the victims were outside their homes when Booth shot them, attending a family party where there were only 15 people. Booth fatally shot himself after shooting at them.

Police told NBC News and KETV that none of the victims suffered major injuries, and most of them were treated for their wounds. Two of them were taken to Children’s Nebraska in Omaha, while another one was taken to Lincoln to receive proper care for the injuries. Some of the adult victims believe that the attack was racially motivated.

Officers told the TV networks that, when they arrived at the scene, they found the victims lying on the floor outside their residence, suffering from the wounds. They added they found Booth inside his house already dead, with a shotgun right next to him.

The officers also explained that, according to their investigation, there wasn’t any dispute between the neighbors and Booth before the shooting. However, they said that the elderly man and his neighbors had some altercations in the past over parking.

During a press conference, Crete Police Chief Gary Young said the department has responded to numerous complaints in that neighborhood over the last three years. He revealed that each complaint came from Booth, who denounced “driving behavior” in the area.

Young also told reporters that these complaints weren’t always associated with the neighbors he shot, as the chief explained it was sometimes related to improper parking or cars driving too fast in the neighborhood.

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