DSA Loses Grow As Founding Member Calls it Quits

DSA Loses Grow As Founding Member Calls it Quits

(NationRise.com) – Founding member of Democratic Socialists of America, Maurice Isserman, announced on October 23 that he’s officially leaving the political organization. Isserman cited the organization’s response to the attack perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on Israeli civilians as his motivation to leave.

In an op-ed article published on The Nation, Isserman wrote that he was leaving the DSA because he believes it is the best way of protesting its leadership’s morally and politically “corrupt” response to the Hamas attack. He described the decision as “horrific” and noted that it resulted in the killing of hundreds of innocent people and the kidnapping of over 200 civilians.

The founding member explained that the statement published by the radical left-wing political organization after the attack didn’t criticize Hamas or condemn the actions perpetrated by the terrorist group. Instead, he claimed that the DSA blamed Israel and the United States for the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Following the statement, the New York City DSA co-sponsored an anti-Israel rally in the Big Apple on October 8, with protesters burning an Israeli flag and taunting Jews with a photo of a swastika. After the videos of the incidents became viral, some progressives who were part of the DSA renounced their membership with the organization.

In his article, Isserman also called out some actions by the DSA on this matter, with which he disagreed. These included the praising of the so-called “Palestinian resistance” for launching an “anti-colonial struggle” and the way it distributed a “toolkit” for responding to the October 7 terrorist attacks. This toolkit eventually became viral as it contained a list of demands that members of this group had to say during interviews or when filmed.

Isserman said in his article that this toolkit advocated for violent confrontation if necessary. He also claimed that the authors of the toolkit included a sentence that said, “Settlers are not civilians.”

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