Dr. Phil Blasts American Medical Establishment for ‘Transing’ Children

(NationRise.com) – Famed TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw is breaking his silence and slamming doctors who perform gender reassignment procedures on young children.

McGraw noted during an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan that children “can’t decide which pajamas they want to wear” when addressing whether they should make a life-changing decision about their gender. He also slammed medical associations for calling it “care” despite a clear lack of data. He said those organizations have never signed off on anything else with so little information available.

McGraw said that he is also labeled “transphobic” simply for asking why they would sign off so quickly. He claimed that it’s a violation of the industry’s foundational “do no harm” tenet. Medical establishments in many European countries have halted gender reassignment procedures for children because of that tenet, according to McGraw.

He then discussed the long-term consequences that occur if children change their minds later in life. He noted that it doesn’t actually prevent suicide, as many providers claim.

McGraw announced that future episodes of his show will shock viewers on how harmful the procedures can be. Despite that, he said a growing number of teachers he speaks with believe they have a duty to keep transition decisions from parents. Even worse, those teachers could be causing more harm since they are not trained child psychologists. There are also psychological dangers in teaching children to keep secrets from their parents.

He told Rogan that psychotherapy can often help children without causing an irreversible change. He noted that even reversed gender transition procedures still come with lifelong effects. When asked, McGraw said he believes the push behind the move stems from a “social contagion effect” spreading from extremist activists online.

McGraw is not alone in his concerns. The Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine, a group composed of expert providers across the globe, is also speaking up. They noted a recent study showing that social gender transitioning — which is increasingly pushed in schools — makes children more likely to identify as transgender during their teen years.

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