Dozens of Hamas Terrorists Surrender During Battle at Gaza Hospital

Dozens of Hamas Terrorists Surrender During Battle at Gaza Hospital

( – Seventy members of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas came out from the Kamal Adwan Hospital on December 13, following an intense firefight with troops of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in northern Gaza’s Beit Lahiya area. While some pro-Palestinian media outlets claimed that Israel attacked the hospital without receiving any kind of provocation, Israeli authorities said that it received multiple shots from terrorists who were hiding inside.

Independent outlets reported that the terrorists emerged from the hospital with weapons in hand and noted that they used the health center as their main base for military operations, in a clear violation of international humanitarian law. While the Israeli government has been claiming that Hamas has been doing this over the last few months, many pro-Palestine politicians and media outlets have suggested that Israel was lying as it didn’t provide any substantial evidence.

In a statement, the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and the IDF said that, during their operational activities in the hospital’s area, their troops found a building that Hamas terrorists were using to hide weapons inside. Both agencies also said that Israeli soldiers had “engagements” with Hamas terrorists and noted that the IDF and ISA killed many of them.

During the IDF activity in the area, more than 70 Hamas terrorists came out of the hospital and surrendered. Some of them were neutralized after opposing resistance and the vast majority were transferred to Unit 504’s field interrogators for further questioning.

The operation and capture of these terrorists came a couple of days after some reports from Israeli media revealed that Hamas might be experiencing an internal division because of the latest strikes perpetrated by the IDF. Also, Israeli defense officials said that the IDF will need between three and four weeks to complete its military operations in the southern city of Khan Younis, which is one of Hamas’ main strongholds. The officials explained that the fulfillment of the operation would be the end of the “first stage of war and the beginning of the second.”

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