Don’t Tolerate Voter Intimidation: What to Do If You See It

Don't Tolerate Voter Intimidation: What to Do If You See It

( – Voter intimidation has become a go-to tactic for the left. It was used in the 60s to dissuade black voters and gained notoriety again in 2008 after armed members of the Black Panther Party successfully dissuaded voters in Pennsylvania. The lackluster response from the Obama administration set a precedent for future intimidations.

However, voters do have rights when it comes to intimidation. Here’s a quick guide on how to respond if you see or experience voter intimidation.

Report the Incident

Intimidating voters is against the law. In fact, those responsible will go to jail and may face a felony charge. Remind them of the law (18 U.S. Code Section 594) or, if you feel endangered, just call the authorities. Try to record the incident if you can do so safely.

You can also report the incident to 1-866-OUR-VOTE. The number will connect you to the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. They can help you find legal representation if necessary.

Don’t Back Down if Your Vote is Challenged

Some states do provide circumstances for challenging votes. However, a challenge does not automatically delegitimize your vote. They must provide proof before your vote can be considered invalid. If your vote is challenged, it is your right to speak with a judge in the precinct while polls are still open.

Report Incidents to Election Officials

Every polling location has administrators who monitor onsite activities. You can notify them of any attempt to intimidate voters. They should take the appropriate actions to deal with the situation.

Avoid Confrontation

Intimidators are typically far-left activists who want nothing more than a viral video of them getting attacked by a self-proclaimed conservative. They will absolutely sue you for damages while their supporters ensure that you go to jail for assault. Some may also be unstable individuals who will attack if you respond. Remember, you can still have authorities put them in their place without endangering yourself.

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