DOJ Notifies House of Incoming Subpoena for ‘Squad’ Member Investigation

DOJ Notifies House of Incoming Subpoena

( – The House of Representatives was notified on January 29 that the Justice Department had issued a grand jury subpoena to the Office of Sergeant at Arms for some documents and that the office would formally comply. The sergeant at arms is the protocol and chief law enforcement officer of Congress who is responsible for keeping order on that side of the US Capitol complex.

A couple of hours after the subpoena was issued, Missouri Democratic Representative Cori Bush said that the DOJ was investigating her over the potential misuse of her personal security services’ funds. In a statement, the liberal leader said that she and her team are “cooperating in this investigation,” noting that she holds herself and her campaign to a high level of integrity. She added she fully believes in transparency, which is why she’s revealing that the DOJ is reviewing her “campaign’s spending” on her security services.

The Missouri Democratic representative joined the House in 2021 after working as a pastor, nurse, and political activist. She’s one of the most prominent members of the influential group of Congress progressives known as “the squad.” Bush and her group have been criticized over their radical left-wing stances on many issues.

In her statement, she added that she’s been facing numerous threats to her life and “physical safety” since he took office. Some media outlets have pointed out that Bush has been using campaign funds to retain security services as she doesn’t receive taxpayer-funded personal security. The squad member said that she has never used a federal tax dollar “for personal security services.”

She also recognized in her statement that she kept her husband on her security team so he could offer his extensive expertise. She justified the decision by explaining that her husband had a long experience in the area and noted he could provide the “necessary services” at a below-fair market rate.

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