Country Music Star Dies at 65

Country Music Star Dies at 65

( – Country legend Laura Lynch, who was one of the founders of The Dixie Chicks back in 1989, alongside sisters Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire, was killed in West Texas after suffering a head-on car crash on December 18. Different reports pointed out the tragedy represents a significant blow to country music, as she was one of its most charismatic female stars.

The news of her death was initially revealed by Lynch’s cousin Michael in a statement, where he said the country music star suffered an accident. A couple of minutes later, the Texas Department of Public Safety published another statement where it shared some details of the car crash and confirmed her death.

The band also released a statement where they honored Lynch, who was The Dixie Chicks’ bass player star and one of the main reasons why the band eventually reached its superstardom status. The band members said in the statement that they felt sad and shocked about Lynch’s death not only because she was an “extraordinary” person but also because she was one of the band’s founding members. They added she was a “bright light” who will always be remembered for her humor, her joy, and the “spark” she always gave to the band during concerts and when traveling together.

The band also said in its statement that Lynch wasn’t only an instrumental person to The Dixie Chicks’ success, but also a woman who had an extraordinary gift for design and someone who loved the so-called Lone Star State. The members also said they will never forget the way Lynch’s “undeniable talents” helped the band from “busking on street corners” to reaching almost every single stage in Texas and many other mid-Western states in the country. At the end of the statement, Emily and Natalie said that they will always love and remember Laura.

While fans keep calling them The Dixie Chicks, the band changed its name to The Chicks in 2020, following the death of George Floyd and the massive protests that came after.

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