Citizens Fleeing Washington At Alarming rate

( – According to newly released migration data, Washington state is losing residents at an alarming rate—so many, in fact, that it joins the ranks of New York and California, which have seen massive migration out of the states over high taxes and Democrat rule. Between calendar years 2021 and 2022, Washington state lost 18,798 taxpayers.

The data, released by the Internal Revenue Service, paints a stark picture of Washington’s financial situation. The state ranks ninth in the country for migration losses, with a staggering $1.66 billion in taxes lost. This is particularly alarming for a state that prides itself on not having a state income tax.

Why is it that some states with no income tax are seeing a record influx, but others like Washington…are not?

Washington has, however, seen some people move into the country. According to the most recent figures, some 222,533 people and their dependents moved out of the state, but 203,735 moved in. Curiously, most among those moving into the state are coming from California. Former California residents moving into Washington reached 44,160 in the same year, bringing a total of $3.815 billion in adjusted gross income from the state led by controversial Governor Gavin Newsom. Just 29,096 left Washington to move to California, taking with them a total of $2.97 billion in adjusted gross income.

So why are people leaving? There are lots of reasons—and they’re not unique to Washington. The cost of living is a big driving factor behind the movement of U.S. citizens and residents from one state to another. For Washingtonians, the rising cost of housing means many people are forced to look further afield to find properties large enough for their families. Job opportunities and quality of life concerns are also common factors.

Last year, a poll by Portland-based DHM Research set out to find exactly why people are leaving the state and just how many people want to leave. The findings were shocking. According to the survey, a slight majority of the state’s residents would leave if they could. Some 51% of respondents told pollsters that they would move to another state if they were able to, and just 39% of respondents said that the quality of life in Washington was good enough to stay. The survey also found a sizable division among residents along party lines, with Democrats telling researchers that they love living in the state, and Republicans decrying the high cost of living. Just 28% of Democrats said that they would leave the state if they could, while 68% of Republicans said that they would leave.

Telling, isn’t it?

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