Bitter Trump Enemy Claims Biden in “Fatal Political Trouble”

( – Staunch Trump critic John Bolton admitted that President Joe Biden is facing serious political challenges after his poor performance during the first round of presidential debates.

Bolton noted that Democrats are “panicking” as Biden’s debate performance and series of gaffes threaten to bring down the entire party. He acknowledged that Biden could be facing “fatal political trouble.” He also said the party’s House and Senate seats could be in trouble unless Democrats pull off something “unprecedented.” He also believes many Democrat voters will feel too disenfranchised to vote.

Bolton is a long-time Republican who has served in various prestigious roles, including ambassador, for decades. However, he remains a staunch critic of Trump and blamed the former president for many of the woes facing the nation under Biden’s administration, including Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 American troops dead and billions of dollars of military vehicles and munitions behind for the Taliban.

Bolton criticized Trump for claiming that world leaders had more respect for him than they have for Biden. He accused Trump of being out of touch with reality, but didn’t specify why he believed that.

He also reiterated that neither candidate will get his vote. Bolton claimed that several of Trump’s policies would be “seriously wrong” for the country. However, he also noted that Biden had difficulty defending his administration, adding that there was much to protect. He did mention that the West is in dire need of an effective leader while acknowledging that Biden may not receive his party’s nomination. He did not specify who he would vote for.

Biden’s presidential campaign took a severe hit after the debates as Trump pulled ahead of his aging opponent in the polls. Biden had led many of those same polls just a week before.

Rumors have swirled that Biden may not receive his party’s nomination despite winning the primaries. The Democrat party has not confirmed whether it will replace Biden with another nominee during its convention in August.

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