Biden Posts Creepy Image to Taunt Conspiracy Theorists

( – The Biden administration published bizarre posts to Instagram and X on February 11th, the day after the Super Bowl, in an effort to mock conspiracy theories surrounding the game’s outcome.

The Kansas City Chiefs scored a dramatic victory within the last few seconds of the game during overtime. Pop singer Taylor Swift was in attendance as her boyfriend played for the Chiefs on the field. Some conspiracy theories claimed that it was really an effort to support Democrats in the upcoming election. Supposedly, the publicity garnered by the couple will prime their influence as they announce their endorsement for Joe Biden.

The post featured a picture of “Dark Biden,” a popular online meme that shows Biden with a sinister smile and bright red eyes. It was accompanied by the caption, “Just like we drew it up.”

The administration also kicked off the launch of its TikTok account with a video mocking the conspiracy theory. He was asked about the claims and said that he would get in trouble if he answered. It then showed a flash of the meme picture again.

Conservative journalist and activist Mike Crispi first made claims of the “rigged” Super Bowl victory ahead of the game. He echoed those claims after the narrow win.

Donald Trump criticized the high-profile pair ahead of the game on his own social media platform, Truth Social. He noted that the Music Modernization Act, which he signed into law during his presidency, helped propel Swift’s career to new heights. She then endorsed Biden in 2020 even though, Trump claims, Biden never did anything for her. He admitted to liking her boyfriend even though he might be a liberal.

The Pentagon released a statement in December 2023 stating that the government is not using Swift to brainwash the nation. Conspiracy theories pegged her as a psyop against “misinformation” and for using her influence to sway public opinion. Some even claimed NATO involvement as well.

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