Biden Drops by 30% Overnight

( – President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, suffered a massive blow to his odds of officially securing the party’s nomination during its convention after his lackluster performance in the first round of presidential debates.

His chances of securing the nomination fell nearly 30% on Predict It, a site dedicated to placing bets for political offices. It also serves as a research tool for New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington. Kamala Harris saw a slight improvement in her chances. However, Biden’s odds later improved slightly, although not nearly enough for a full recovery. Shares for bets on Biden were valued at 85 cents before the debate, then plummeted to 61 soon after. That represents a 28.2% drop.

Sam Rosbottom, whose company Betfair also saw a reduction in the odds of Biden clenching the nomination, said his “disastrous” performance against Trump caused punters to quickly lose faith in his odds. He also said confidence in Trump has since increased just months after the two were essentially tied.

Biden notably lost track of what he was saying during the CNN debate in Atlanta, fueling existing concerns over his age and mental fitness. During one notable moment, Biden seemed to lose track of his thoughts while discussing illegal immigration. Biden’s open border policies have been disastrous for the Democrat party, leading many of its members to decry them publicly. Trump responded by saying that he didn’t know what Biden was trying to say and that Biden probably didn’t either.

The Democratic Party is reportedly “panicking” after his performance, refueling rumors that another nominee could replace him. Nothing has been confirmed, but far-left CNN commentator John King called it “game-changing.” Several Democrats are already calling for a new candidate.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is scheduled for August 19-22nd in Chicago. The second presidential debate is scheduled for September 10th, meaning there is still some uncertainty about the opponent Trump will be facing off against.

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