Biden Considering End of Ban on US Military Contractors in Ukraine

( – Four US officials told CNN on June 25 that the White House is considering ending a de facto ban on US military contractors deploying to Ukraine as a way to help the European country fight against Russian troops.

Experts believe that the move could represent a turning point in the war, as it would formally allow the US Pentagon to approve contracts for US companies to work in Ukraine for the first time since the war started in February 2022.

Under the condition of anonymity, the four officials explained that one of the main goals of the move is to hasten the repair and maintenance of the weapons systems that Ukrainian troops are using on the battlefield. The officials added that while US President Joe Biden hasn’t approved the policy, they are confident that he will do it. However, they emphasized that the Democratic leader remains firm in his promise of not sending American troops to Ukraine.

Political analysts explained that the policy might have a significant impact on war as the Ukrainian troops will have more available weapons and military equipment. However, some analysts said that the move could escalate the conflict as the Kremlin would see it as a direct involvement from the United States in a war that Russia has been struggling with. They claim that while it’s unlikely that Russia would deploy nuclear bombs, President Vladimir Putin’s threats to use them if Western nations get directly involved in war should be taken seriously.

Right now, American troops can only help the Ukrainian military by providing logistics and routine maintenance. However, President Biden has ordered them to deliver aid only from afar via secure phones or video to limit Russia’s perception that the United States is somehow engaged in combat in Ukraine.

Military experts have criticized the situation, saying that while the US military is willing to help Ukraine in its war against Russia, it can’t do much as US contractors and troops can’t work directly with the military systems.

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