Biden Challenged to Take Cognitive Test

Biden Challenged to Take Cognitive Test

( – Former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump challenged President Joe Biden on November 27 to take a cognitive exam to determine if he was mentally fit to govern. The Republican leader made the request amid mounting speculation about the commander-in-chief’s age and fitness for office.

Trump commented on his Truth Social account after rejecting speculations from the campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about his health, claiming that his references to President Biden as “Obama” were sarcasm. He also explained that these comments were a way of mocking the commander-in-chief for his lack of independence and the influence of Obama over his administration.

Trump also noted that every time he says Obama instead of Biden, DeSantis and his “failing” presidential campaign “go wild” and claims that he doesn’t know the US president’s name. He said that what the Florida governor is doing is nothing more than a desperate attempt to discredit him. Trump even suggested that Democratic politicians and journalists collaborate with DeSantis’s efforts to reduce his popularity.

The former president pointed out that both President Biden and Obama are “destroying” the United States, dismissing any suggestion about a declining mental state, as he said he recently passed a health exam. Trump said he didn’t feel surprised with the results, as he had taken the same test when he was president.

However, Trump also said that the person who should take the exam as soon as possible was President Biden. Trump claims this will help Americans know“why Biden wants some of the problems that are currently affecting the country. Trump said these include “no voter ID,” along with high inflation, a “woke” armed forces, no energy independence, and open borders. The Republican leader also said that President Biden wants a weaponized FBI and Department of Justice, that he wants to see men playing “in women’s sports,” and many other “crazy things” that would have negative consequences for the country.

Over the last few months, Biden has been facing scrutiny over his fitness for office because of his alleged cognitive decline. Former White House physician and Texas Republican Representative Ronny Jackson said on November 26 that the commander-in-chief should even suspend his reelection campaign.

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