Biden Announces Multiple Pardons

Biden Announces Multiple Pardons

( – President Joe Biden commuted the sentences of 11 individuals who are serving jail time for nonviolent drug offenses on December 22 and announced he will also sign a proclamation to officially pardon some marijuana offenses. The proclamation will pardon offenses for marijuana possession and use on some federal lands. In October 2022, the Democratic leader announced different pardons for thousands of individuals whom authorities convicted of marijuana possession under federal law.

In a statement, President Biden said that no person should be in a state prison or a local jail for possession or use of marijuana, just like no one should be spending time in a federal prison “for that reason, either.” Biden explained that was the primary motive why he’s still urging governors across the country to take the same step.

Each of the individuals President Biden commuted their sentence was serving what his administration has called unjustified long sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. In the statement, the commander-in-chief said that these individuals would have been formally eligible for reduced sentences if they had been charged right now.

President Biden commuted the sentences of Angel Rosario of Pennsylvania, Kenneth Winkler of Indiana, Darryl Winkfield and Anthony Ewing of Georgia, Esaias Tucker and Leroy Lymons of Florida, and Deondre Higgins of Missouri. The rest of the people who had their sentences commuted were Andre Goodley from Texas, James Barber of North Carolina, Earlie Barber of Alabama, and Felipe Arriaga of Washington.

The White House said that the president fully supports all efforts to eliminate sentencing disparities between powder cocaine and crack cocaine offenses. The Democratic leader also noted in his statement that he took the measures because the United States was founded on the “sacred principle” of equal justice under the law. He pointed out that numerous political and religious leaders, along with civil rights associates across the country, believe that the US criminal justice system needs to “reflect this crucial value” to create “Stronger” and “safer” communities.

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