Appeals Court Hands Trump a Lifeline

( – An appeals court in New York said on March 25th that former President Donald Trump could hold off on paying his $454 million judgment in a fraud case if he can pay $175 million during the appeals process.

The appeals court is giving Trump 10 days to pay the reduced fee. Doing so will stop the state from taking his assets while his appeal is brought before the court. It also reversed another court’s previous decision to ban Trump and his sons from assuming business leadership roles for years to come.

Trump said on Truth Social, his social media platform, that he would “abide by the decision of the Appellate Division” and promised to post the money through whatever method the court prefers. He also slammed Judge Engoron, stating the appeal court’s decision shows how ridiculous the original ruling was. He also accused Engoron of complying with the Appellate Division’s decision. He then pointed out that the Appellate Division’s decision was the fifth time it overturned a decision made by Engoron, setting a new record.

Trump’s legal team urged appeals courts in New York to stop collection on the judgment, saying that it would be nearly impossible to convince underwriters to sign off on such a massive bond. They also praised the Appellate Division’s decision, calling it the “first step” in pushing back against a “witch hunt” orchestrated by New York’s far-left Attorney General, Letitia James. Alina Habba, a spokeswoman for Trump’s legal team, said it should serve as an embarrassment for James.

Both Trump and his legal team maintain that he is innocent and that the litany of charges against him are politically motivated. They are trying to procure messages sent between the Biden administration and the Justice Department that they believe will confirm those suspicions. They expressed confidence that Trump will ultimately be found not guilty and vowed to bring his case before the US Supreme Court if necessary.

Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican nomination despite the legal woes facing him.

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