American Bases Attacked Roughly 50 Times in One Month

American Bases Attacked Roughly 50 Times in One Month

( – According to a recent Newsmax report, there have been six attacks against American troops in the Middle East since November 6 and more than 50 in October. Each of these strikes took place after the October 7 attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on Israel in response to the United States’ support for the Israeli government.

According to an open-source intelligence monitor Twitter post, the US Department of Defense revealed that Iranian-backed militias are behind the “non-stop attacks” against American troops in the region. The monitor explained that each of the attacks took place in American military bases in Syria and Iraq, with at least 46 American personnel suffering severe injuries. The open-source intelligence observer added that two American soldiers had to be airlifted to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany to be treated for head injuries.

In a statement, Iraqi Kurdistan’s counter-terrorism agency said that three armed drones were destroyed on November 6 in two attacks over the Erbil airport in Iraq’s northern region. US and other international forces are all stationed in that area, with the permission of the Iraqi government.

In a separate statement, an armed group called “Iraqi Islamic Resistance” said it deliberately targeted the Al-Harir base, which is located about 44 miles northeast of the Erbil airport. The group explained that its primary goal is to “liberate” Iraq from “infidels” and “Western invaders.”

During a press conference, Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani said that Iraqi authorities will pursue those responsible for the attacks on the US military bases in the Middle Eastern nation. He added that authorities will also pursue “the group of terrorists” who attacked the Ain al-Asad military base near the international of Baghdad, which hosts many international coalition advisers.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, a US Defense Department official told Newsmax that the defense system of the US military base near the Erbil airport destroyed all the drones. He also said that the US “robust defenses” thwarted most of the attacks received since October 17.

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