Alleged Murderer Was Wearing Ankle Monitor During Attack

( – A suspect in the murder of Jocelyn Nungaray was wearing an ankle monitor during the time of the 12-year-old girl’s death, then removed the monitor 48 hours later. The main suspects in her brutal murder were two illegal immigrants named Johan Rangel and Franklin Pena. US authorities fitted the pair with ankle monitors after they entered the United States.

Pena was ordered to wear the ankle monitor for 21 days, a couple of hours after illegally entering the country on May 28, so authorities could track him. Meanwhile, Rangel illegally entered the United States back in March and was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor, which authorities removed in May as they determined he had no criminal history.

In a statement, the Houston Police Department said that officers managed to track Pena’s movements all the way to the crime scene, as he decided to illegally take the ankle monitor off two days after Nungaray was brutally killed. Police reports detailed that Nungaray was kidnapped, stripped to the waist, physically abused, and choked to death. Both Pena and Rangel are accused of capital murder.

During an interview with Just The News, Arizona Republican Representative Andy Biggs claimed that he has never trusted ankle monitors. When asked why, he said it is because he knows that criminal organizations in Mexico usually offer to cut them off from people they illegally traffic into the United States. He also explained that the migrant crisis that the country is currently experiencing is quite “dangerous” as it’s almost impossible to determine the background of those who illegally enter the country.

Both Pena and Rangel are from Venezuela, with multiple sources indicating that authorities believe they are part of the Venezuelan criminal organization Tren de Aragua, which has already committed numerous crimes in the United States. The organization was created by a local union group in a Venezuelan prison with the help of Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship.

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