Alex Jones May Lose Infowars

( – On June 3, Judge Christopher Lopez allowed political commentator Alex Jones to keep operating his media company, Infowars, for two weeks while authorities decide whether it should be liquidated along with his other assets. Jones has been claiming over the last few days that the federal government could shut down Infowars for good because of the bankruptcy cases against him.

The political commentator and his company, Free Speech Systems, have sought bankruptcy reorganization following two lawsuits he lost. These legal defeats ended with an order to pay the victims’ relatives of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 $1.5 billion. The families sued him for saying on multiple occasions that the shooting was nothing more than a hoax. The tragedy represented one of the worst shootings in the United States modern history, leaving six teachers and 20 children killed.

The relatives have also opposed Jones’ plans of bankruptcy reorganization and even filed a motion to convert the move into liquidation on June 2, arguing that he hasn’t made any progress in proving how he will make the $1.5 billion payment. Lopez also said in the hearing in Houston, Texas, that once the matter is decided on June 14, he will immediately address the motion. He added that while Jones’ media company can keep paying not only employee wages but also every other expense until June 14, Jones and his lawyer must prevent making more provocative or incendiary comments.

During a following show, Jones said that Infowars and Free Speech Systems were going to be shut down soon, urging his supporters to go to his studio in Austin, Texas, and create a human chain so they could protect it. He also started to cry and said there wasn’t any way he could save his media company from the government. However, the political commentator claimed that while the fight has been ”hard,” he will “beat these people” and eventually return.

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