Accused Cop Killer Was Already Banned From Owning Firearms

( – A man who allegedly gunned down two police officers and a paramedic on February 18th was found to have already been banned from purchasing and possessing firearms.

The shooter, 38-year-old Shannon Gooden, killed the first responders as they responded to a domestic disturbance report. Gooden had been fighting with his former girlfriend, Noemi Torres, who was also the mother of three of his children. The shooting occurred in Burnsville, MN, an upscale suburb of Minneapolis.

Two 27-year-old police officers, Matthew Ruge and Adam Finseth, were both killed. Gooden also allegedly murdered 40-year-old Adam Finseth, a paramedic with the local fire department. He had been assigned to assist the local SWAT team. Gooden then reportedly shot and killed himself. He was dead by the time authorities found him.

Seven children ranging between 2 and 15 were barricaded in the home with Gooden. He had several guns in his possession despite having his Second Amendment right revoked after he was convicted of an armed robbery in 2008. He initially faced a felony conviction, but a judge later reduced it to a misdemeanor. He petitioned to have his right restored in 2020, but was not successful.

Officials are investigating how Gooden was able to obtain both pistols and rifles, along with a large amount of ammunition. They have not released any details as of this writing.

Torres also said that Gooden had a history of threatening police officers. She claimed that he was planning a standoff with police and was ready to die for it.

Court records confirmed that Gooden had been involved in several disputes involving child support and custody issues. He also had a history of domestic violence with multiple former lovers. He was scheduled to appear in court on February 20th for a hearing related to those issues.

Gooden reportedly asked two of the children if they wanted to go with him before killing himself. Torres and the children were not harmed.

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