Xi Jinping Demands Respect From American Leaders

Xi Jinping Demands Respect From American Leaders

(NationRise.com) – China’s state-run network CCTV reported on June 20 that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Washington needed to “respect” China. The network said that Xi also told Blinken that while Beijing doesn’t want to “displace” America, it needed a guarantee that Washington won’t “hurt” China’s interests.

Xi’s words came during a meeting with Blinken on June 19, where both politicians discussed Taiwan, the US-China relations, and the Russia-Ukraine war. CCTV published a video of the meeting with a message from China’s Foreign Ministry, which said that the world needed a “stable relationship” between Washington and Beijing. The statement also noted that both nations had the right “to pursue a better life.”

The network reported that Xi told Blinken that the Biden administration needed to act with a “sense of responsibility” instead of being disrespectful. The Chinese dictator also told the secretary that Washington needed to “adopt” a more rational and “pragmatic” stance over the crises that the world is facing.

According to the Chinese regime, Blinken committed that the Biden administration would fulfill the agenda set by the two nations in Bali, referencing Xi’s meeting with US President Joe Biden in Indonesia in November 2023. The American leader vowed not to support Taiwan’s independence. Through its Foreign Ministry, the Chinese regime also said that Blinken promised Xi that Washington didn’t want to start a “new Cold War” or change the Chinese system.

So far, the State Department hasn’t published any readout about the Xi-Blinken meeting. However, it provided a transcript of comments by the Chinese dictator and US secretary before their exchange. Blinken allegedly said it was “an obligation” to the international community to lower tensions between Beijing and Washington.

Human rights organizations have criticized Blinken for not raising the issue of the alleged violations committed by the Chinese regime. On June 14, Human Rights Watch published an article claiming that it would be disappointing if Blinken didn’t focus on his meeting with Xi on this matter.

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