White House Issues Executive Order to Expand Sanctions in Sudan

(NationRise.org) – US President Joe Biden called on Thursday morning for an end to the violence between the warring factions in Sudan. The commander-in-chief added that the White House is now able to expand its ability to impose sanctions against those who undermine stability and peace in the African nation.

In a statement, President Biden said that the violence that is currently taking place in this country is not only a “tragedy” but also a “betrayal” of Sudanese’s demand for a transition to democracy and a civilian government. In addition, he said he joins world leaders and the people of Sudan who call for a “durable ceasefire” between the parties at war. The President also claimed that the violence suffered in Sudan and has taken hundreds of lives is “unconscionable” and must end as soon as possible.

The Democratic leader issued an executive order that increases Washington’s ability to sanction any group or individual that is responsible for threatening peace and security in the African nation, as well as anyone who commits human rights abuses or undermines any civilian democratic government.

Experts believe this executive order can be quite helpful for the United States to deal with some of the worst authoritarian regimes in the world, including the ones of Venezuela, Iran, or North Korea. In addition, many believe this could provide Washington with more tools against China and Russia, which are the US’s main geopolitical foes right now.

Over the last few weeks, clashes among the warring parties in Sudan left hundreds of deaths and forced thousands of Sudanese to flee the country, in what many believe could turn into one of the worst migrant crisis this year, after the Venezuelan and Ukrainian.

In April, the White House conducted an airlift to allow staffers of the United States Embassy in Khartoum to escape. Despite these efforts, thousands of American citizens remain in Sudan.

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