US Satellite Reveals China is Creating Another Surveillance Aircraft

( – According to a CNN Monday report, new satellite images revealed a massive blimp that was allegedly developed by China’s military at a base in the northwestern region of the country. The images were allegedly taken a couple of months before a Chinese spy balloon flew over the United States for espionage purposes.

The TV network reported that the images it obtained were taken in 2022 by a US satellite imaging company named Black Sky. The images show a 100-foot-long airship floating over a roughly one-kilometer-long runway.

Aerospace experts explained that these satellite pictures of the base in the Chinese desert reveal a large infrastructure and airship hangar. which main role is to allow the launching of airships. While there’s not so much information about these sites, it’s believed that the Chinese spy balloon may have come from one of these places.

The CNN report comes a couple of months after US authorities decided to shoot down the balloon off the South Carolina coast, prompting a national security emergency that remembered some of the most delicate moments of the Cold War. Lawmakers from both parties questioned the White House’s reaction to the Chinese espionage aircraft, and the event caused different unidentified flying objects across the country to be shot down. This situation prompted all types of conspiracy theories, including many about aliens.

The spy balloon was able to collect data on some of the most important military sites in the US, despite efforts from the Biden administration to prevent that from happening. The media outlet pointed out that the White House recovered parts of the balloon’s wreckage, allowing it to confirm initial findings that it was a Chinese aircraft whose main role was to conduct espionage operations in the country. In fact, officials from the Department of Defense declared that this balloon was part of a Beijing-run surveillance program.

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