US Coalition in Syria Suffers Single Rocket Attack

( – The US Central Command announced on Monday that a single rocket targeted American coalition forces located in the northeast region of Syria, in another attempt by US foes to debilitate the American presence in the Middle Eastern country and its fight against terrorism.

According to a CENTCOM statement, the rocket attack was “ineffective” as it failed to meet its objective. It also pointed out the attack took place at the Mission Support Site Conoco. The local time was 5:51 p.m. and no person was killed or injured. The statement added that an additional rocket was found near the base at the strike’s point of origin, located in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor.

While the attack resulted in no injuries or casualties, it raises concerns among military analysts, considering that this is not the first time a similar event has taken place at this base. After all, the site came under attack in late March, after numerous US bases in the country were targeted in different terrorist operations that many believe were organized by Iranian-backed militias.

The tit-for-tat started after a drone strike killed an American contractor at a maintenance facility on a US Coalition base in Syria. In addition, five service members were severely injured and six US troops suffered traumatic brain damage because of the rockets and drone attacks on the base.

As reported by the Pentagon, the US military force decided to conduct a retaliatory air strike operation in the country, which only targeted Iranian-backed fighters. The attack was successful as it managed to eliminate eight terrorists.

Over the last few weeks, military experts have warned about Tehran’s increasing influence in the Middle East, and the way the Iranian regime is willing to keep conducting and supporting aggressive operations against the United States in this part of the world, with the main goal of pushing American military forces out of Iraq and Syria.

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