U.S. Vehicles Captured As “Trophies” By Russia

(NationRise.com) – The Russian Defense Ministry published a video on June 13 of Russian soldiers capturing Western tanks after a battle with Ukrainian troops. In the video, the ministry said that these tanks included American-made Bradley fighting vehicles and a German Leopard 2. It also described them as Russian “trophies.”

The ministry said Russian soldiers from the Vostok military were the ones who inspected the equipment. It also said that the tanks and armored vehicles were seized on the Zaporizhzhia front in Ukraine’s southern region. This is one of the main locations where the Ukrainian counteroffensive is taking place, with different reports revealing strong clashes between Ukrainian and Russian troops.

Russia’s defense ministry also said that the engines of some vehicles and tanks were still running. It pointed out this was the main evidence of how Ukrainian soldiers decided to flee because of Russia’s capacity in resisting Ukraine’s counteroffensive. No media outlet wasn’t able to confirm if this happened, nor could battlefield accounts.

On June 12, Kyiv said that Ukrainian troops recaptured numerous villages from Russian forces since the counteroffensive started. However, unconfirmed reports from pro-Kremlin media outlets and military bloggers said that Russian troops recaptured some locations they ceded over the last few days.

According to the German newspaper Tagespiegel, Russian armed forces have been able to deliver great damage to Western armor. The newspaper points out this has been possible because of Russian-laid minefields which have proven to be quite effective on the battlefield. It also said that these mines have been able to destroy four Leopard 2 tanks so far.

Over the last few months, the Russia-Ukraine war has entered into one of the most delicate moments since the invasion started in 2022. Observers have pointed out that propaganda and disinformation practices from both Kyiv and Moscow have made it difficult to confirm claims from both sides.

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