Tucker Carlson Floats Ukraine War Theory

Tucker Carlson Floats Ukraine War Theory

(NationRise.com) – Tucker Carlson said during his June 27 episode of “Tucker on Twitter” that US President Joe Biden was exacerbating the Russia-Ukraine war to gain more power. The conservative journalist explained that the White House and bipartisan congressmen are defending Kyiv as a battle “for democracy” for the US and themselves.

However, Carlson claimed this doesn’t make sense anymore as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a possible cancellation of presidential elections because of the war.

Carlson suggested that viewers contemplate what the Biden administration would think of such a move. He added that even when President Zelensky’s claims of canceling the election “blew up” the rationale for supporting “his side” of the conflict, the US will keep doing it.

The conservative commentator noted that Washington is currently supporting a war for democracy on behalf of a president that announced he’s willing to “end” democracy. He added that the most shocking aspect of this situation is that many American political leaders are “strongly for it.”

Nevertheless, Carlson said, everyone should have seen this coming as he noted that wars “for democracy” eventually “cancel democracy.” He even said this has happened in the United States with “virtuous leaders” such as Abraham Lincoln. Carlson noted the former president was a great example as he decided to suspend “habeas corpus.”

In another moment of his episode, the former Fox News star said that everyone should ask themselves what’s the “real motive” behind all of this. He claims that the endgame of this support is power, as everything can be justified “during wartime.” Carlson noted that if pandemic lockdowns were positive for politicians who wanted to expand the power and reach of the state, war is even better as politicians “become gods.”

Carlson concluded the episode by saying he believes California Governor Gavin Newson could be the perfect Democratic successor to President Joe Biden. Carlson explained he’s the only politician who’s shallow and ruthless and has “flattery skills.”

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