Tuberville Passes the Buck to Schumer on Military Appointments

Tuberville Passes the Buck to Schumer on Military Appointments

( – Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) said on September 12 that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is now the one who will have to address his hold on military nominations. During an interview with Newsmax, Tuberville reiterated that he believes the Pentagon’s new policy on abortion-related travel violates US federal law. He also explained that Schumer could bring every Biden administration nomination for a vote to the Senate floor.

The Alabama senator told Rob Schmitt the Senate majority leader has the opportunity to handle this situation quickly, as he just has to “bring them to the floor” and see if they are confirmed. Tuberville also noted that Schumer shouldn’t worry about anything other than getting “the job done” for all Americans.

A couple of hours before the interview with Newsmax, Tuberville told the upper chamber’s Armed Services Committee that he would vote to confirm General David Allvin to become the chief of the Air Force. The Republican senator emphasized he would take this step if Schumer brought Allvin’s nomination to the floor for a vote.

On September 11, the Alabama senator called on the majority leader to allow a floor vote to officially confirm Air Force General Charles Brown as the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s chair. However, during a September 5 interview with CNN, Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro said that the Republican leader’s blanket hold was aiding numerous dictatorships around the world and hurting American military readiness.

Tuberville told Schmitt that every American politician needs to respect the separation of powers. He explained that what communist countries do is to send laws directly to the dictator, and what democracies do is to send them to Congress to be confirmed or rejected after a vote. The Alabama senator also said that as long as he’s in the Senate, this will not change.

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