Trump Rally Draws 50,000+ To Small Town

Trump Rally Draws 50,000+ To Small Town

( – Former President and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump attracted an overwhelmingly large audience during his June 30 rally in South Carolina. Reports state that Trump filled the venue with a number of people that far surpassed the entire population of Pickens, the town that hosted the rally.

According to the town’s police chief Randal Beach, Pickens has 3,400 residents, and Trump’s event attracted over 50,000. He explained the rally was so crowded that people had to gather at the downtown venue and line the surrounding streets.

During an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said that authorities could not determine the exact number of people who attended the rally. The media outlet pointed out that this event displayed Trump’s dominance in the Republican party, as his massive popularity remains intact.

The Associated Press also said that this rally represented a return to the large-scale rallies that Trump used to have in his previous presidential campaign. It added that while other GOP presidential candidates have held events in South Carolina, none have attracted the number of people as Trump.

Republican leaders who also spoke at Trump’s rally were Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Both told the crowd that their support was “crucial” to recovering the White House in 2024.

In a statement, the pro-Trump Make America Great Again PAC said that other candidates couldn’t match the same level of enthusiasm that the country saw in Pickens. The group’s CEO, Taylor Budowich, added that no other president has delivered for the American people as Trump, citing the recent Supreme Court decisions as the best example.

According to Fox News, many people from other parts of the country attended the rally, despite the hot temperatures. The TV network showed the case of the Pressley family, which drove for more than three hours from Tennessee to see the former president.

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