Trump Leads DeSantis In California GOP Primary Poll

( – According to a recent survey, former President Donald Trump is leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in California. The survey, conducted by the University of California-Berkeley Institute of Government Studies (IGS), showed that Trump has 44 percent of support and DeSantis 26 percent.

This lead of 18 points shows a significant increase in support among California GOP voters. After all, this same poll was made in February, and it showed Trump behind DeSantis with 29 and 37 percentage points respectively.

According to the IGS, other twelve Republican leaders were tested in this poll, but none of them got over 4 percentage points. Also, the academic institution said that 13 percent of GOP respondents answered “undecided” or “other.” This only shows that the race for the Republican Party’s nomination in California will be a battle where the only two competitors will be Trump and DeSantis.

These last days were quite positive for the former president in poll numbers, considering that another survey was published on Monday. This one was conducted by Victory Insights and showed that Trump and DeSantis were tied in Florida.

In the next year’s GOP nomination race, Trump has 38 percent of the support while DeSantis has 38.2 percent. No other Republican candidate received more than 3.1 percent. Also, 12 percent of likely Republican voters said they felt undecided, while 3.5 percent said they would choose someone different from the presented candidates.

This new poll is good news for Trump, considering that he’s tied with one of the most popular Governors in the United States. In fact, many political analysts thought that DeSantis would win by a landslide in Florida, which currently seems unlikely considering the survey’s results.

As reported by Victory Insights, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott received 3.1 percent of support while businessman Vivek Ramaswamy received 0.1 percent. Also, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley received 2.5 percent of support while former Vice President Mike Pence received 2.5 percent as well.

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