Trump Labeled As Security Threat By Former Defense Secretary

Trump Labeled As Security Threat By Former Defense Secretary

( – Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper blasted former President Donald Trump as a threat to U.S. security during a June 18 interview at CNN. He explained that the Republican front-runner for the presidency currently represents one of the greatest security risks the United States faces. Esper said the way Trump handled classified information and top-secret documents after leaving office jeopardized the nation.

Esper told CNN host Jake Tapper that, when it comes to this type of classified material, Trump has been described by many as a “hoarder.” He stated he believes Trump’s indictment by the Department of Justice is warranted because what Trump did was not only unauthorized but also “illegal and dangerous.”

The former defense secretary also told Tapper that Trump’s legal case could easily be compared to the one of Massachusetts Air National Guard Jack Teixeira. Teixeira was accused of being the one who leaked the Pentagon’s classified documents on social media. This started an international controversy as these documents contained sensitive information about the US and Western allies. In fact, one of these documents even revealed sensitive data about the Ukraine-Russia war, showing Kyiv’s weak defense capabilities.

Esper explained that Trump’s handling of classified documents would make it easy for a foreign agent to find secret papers and exploit “America’s vulnerabilities.”

When asked whether Trump could be trusted with the handling of classified material if he wins the 2024 presidential election, Esper said no. He explained that, based on his actions since he left office, Trump couldn’t be trusted if the special counsel’s accusations against him hold up in court.

Finally, Esper told Tapper that Trump was quite irresponsible in handling these documents in a manner that put service members at risk.

President Joe Biden and former vice president Mike Pence have also been caught holding onto classified papers. Their treatment by government agencies has been much more cordial and low-key than the FBI raid and the eventual indictment experienced by Trump.

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