Trump Blasts Pence Over “Absolutely False” Claims

Trump Blasts Pence Over “Absolutely False” Claims

( – Former President Donald Trump recently blasted former Vice President Mike Pence over his claims against him. Pence suggested that the former commander-in-chief called to “terminate” numerous parts of the United States Constitution during his administration. Trump said that Pence was fabricating “absolutely false” stories.

In his Truth Social account, the Republican leader and presidential candidate said his former running mate was spreading lies. He then pointed out that he never asked Pence to put him “before the Constitution” and noted he has never suggested such a move.

During a speech in New Hampshire, Pence told the crowd that Republican voters needed to reject populist candidates as they don’t follow the conservative agenda. He then said that those who embrace populism always destroy “constitutional norms” and noted that Trump has claimed to violate the Constitution.

About these remarks, Trump said that his former running mate failed to object to alleged fraud in the 2020 presidential election, in which he lost to then-candidate Joe Biden. The former commander-in-chief has long claimed that the former vice president could have overturned the election results because of his political position and authority. Pence has rejected these claims on numerous occasions.

In another post published the same day, Trump criticized Pence by saying he went to the “dark side” ahead of next year’s presidential election. He explained that after seven years of speaking “well of me,” the former vice president suddenly changed his opinion. The former president then asked why Pence is making these remarks right now, during a presidential primary where both are candidates, instead of doing it in the past.

Finally, Trump suggested this wasn’t casual, as he explained the former vice president is blasting and criticizing him in a moment where polls show he’s well ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the primary. The former president also said he’s beating President Biden in “almost every poll.”

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