Trump Blasts Mulvaney for Taking a Job at CBS

( – Former US President Donald Trump criticized Mick Mulvaney on Tuesday morning for taking a job in 2022 as a News contributor for CBS. This attack came as a surprise considering that Mulvaney used to be the acting chief of staff when Trump was the US commander-in-chief.

In a post on his Truth Social page, Trump wrote that he picked Mulvaney as his “acting” chief of staff since he would have never picked him for a “permanent position.” In addition, Trump said that Mulvaney was the “dumbest” person working at the White House during his four years as president.

Trump also said that Mulvaney was nothing more than “a backbencher” who was known for a bad news conference and is now with what he referred to as “CBS Fake News.” Moreover, the former president said Mulvaney should always be grateful to him because he was the one who made him famous, pointing out that the former acting chief of staff was a “born loser” and an “uncharismatic” person.

CBS News hired Mulvaney as News Contributor in 2022, raising criticism from many MAGA Republicans who say his decision was a betrayal. After all, this faction of the Republican Party sees CBS as part of the mainstream media, which they accuse of manipulating the news.

The former president’s criticism of Mulvaney, who was also the director of the US Office of Management and Budget, seems to contradict different claims Trump made to the Washington Post when he said that he would only pick “the best” and most serious individuals, ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Mulvaney resigned from his last position as the special envoy for Northern Ireland, following the attack on the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Like many other Republicans who used to work with Trump or used to support him, Mulvaney became an open critic of the former president from that moment.

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