Trump Avoids Committing to Ukraine Support

Trump Avoids Committing to Ukraine Support

( – Former President Donald Trump recently refused to say whether he would cut off economic and military aid to Ukraine or maintain the funding to its troops and government. The moment was shown on Fox News on July 23, during the second part of a “Sunday Morning Futures” interview that was filmed a couple of days before.

In the interview, Trump told host Maria Bartimoro that the United States was providing too much money to Ukraine, and Kyiv was paying a fortune to the Biden family. The former commander-in-chief was referencing the alleged bribes that President Joe Biden received from Ukrainian officials during his time as vice president.

After that, Bartimoro asked Trump if he would “stop the money” to Ukraine if he was the US president. Instead of providing a direct answer, Trump said he would get “the war settled.” He then pointed out that the money is a priority but explained that he would make Europe pay the $100 billion it allegedly owes. The former president also claimed that the West is making a big effort, but Europe is ”doing very little” compared to the United States. He told Bartimoro this was unfair as Europe is more affected by the war in Ukraine than America.

The former commander-in-chief faced controversy after the first part of this interview aired on July 16. He said then that one of his plans to end the war would be threatening Russian President Vladimir Putin with sending more weapons to Ukraine.

He added that he knows Putin and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky “very well,” adding that he has a great relationship with both leaders. Trump told Bartimoro that he would tell Zelensky that he needs to stop the military operations and “make a deal” with Putin. He then said he would have an agreement with the two leaders in “one day,” representing a bold claim he has already stated in previous interviews.

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