Ted Cruz Blasts Ugandan Government for Draconian Law

(NationRise.com) – Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz blasted the Ugandan government on Monday for its controversial and openly homophobic anti-gay law. On his Twitter account, the Republican leader said that the so-called Anti-Homosexuality Act is “horrific and wrong.” He even called on other nations and governments around the world to join in his condemnation of the new law in the African nation.

On Twitter, Cruz claimed that this law is wrong in every way, adding that any single law that somehow criminalizes homosexuality is “an abomination.” He also said that “civilized nations” in the world must unite against this “human rights abuse,” as he claimed that this law imposes the death penalty for being gay.

This anti-gay law has drawn a massive outcry in many nations around the world, with world leaders and mainstream media condemning the Ugandan government. Experts have been pointing out this is one of the most homophobic and discriminatory laws in the world, as it directly targets all homosexuals in Uganda.

In addition to Cruz, US President Joe Biden also criticized the Ugandan government and publicly asked it to repeal this new law immediately. The commander-in-chief said in a statement that Kampala would face serious consequences if it maintains the Anti-Homosexuality Act. In addition, the president said he’s currently evaluating the implications of this new law on all aspects of the United States’ engagement with the African nation.

According to different reports, every Ugandan who commits “aggravated homosexuality” acts will be condemned with the death penalty. In addition, this new law points out that those who engage in gay intercourse in the country will be sentenced to life in prison.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni signed into law an act that lawmakers passed last week. President Biden criticized this decision and said this is the latest case of an “alarming trend” of “human rights abuses” and corruption in the African nation.

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