Suspect Apprehended in Cowardly Ambush Killing of Sheriff’s Deputy

Suspect Apprehended in Cowardly Ambush Killing of Sheriff's Deputy

( – According to a Breitbart report, police authorities arrested a man after the deadly ambush shooting of deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. As reported by the media outlet, the deputy was in his vehicle when another car pulled up next to him, and the driver suddenly opened fire.

Shortly after the car escaped from the scene, a citizen ran to the Clinkunbroomer’s cruiser to assist him. He was found unconscious and was immediately transported to a hospital nearby, where he died just minutes after arriving.

During a press conference, Sheriff Robert Luna told reporters that authorities arrested 29-year-old suspect Kevin Cataneo Salazar. He explained police officers managed to take him into custody after community members came forward with credible information that led detectives to identify him.

Luna noted that authorities served a search warrant at a house on Barrinson Street in Palmdale, California. He explained that police officers determined he was in the home and then surrounded the property to call all the occupants out. However, the sheriff told reporters that the suspect refused to comply and barricaded himself inside the house. He then said officers had to deploy a chemical agent that eventually made the suspect surrender. Detectives reportedly recovered multiple weapons in Salazar’s house, as well as the vehicle that was used in the shooting.

Salazar has since been formally accused of shooting Clinkunnbroomer. So far, a motive for the homicide remains unclear, and detectives haven’t determined if the ambush against the deputy was personal, related to his job, or simply a random incident.

According to an ABC News report, police officers who spoke on condition of anonymity told the media outlet that Salazar confessed to detectives he killed the deputy. They also said his mother revealed he has been dealing with mental illnesses for years.

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