South Korea Pledges Military Supplies to Ukraine

South Korea Pledges Military Supplies to Ukraine

( – South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said on July 15 that Seoul would support Ukraine’s counteroffensive by providing military and humanitarian aid. The Asian leader made these comments during a press conference in Kyiv after a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Yoon told reporters that his government plans to increase the scale of “military supplies” to Ukraine over the next few months. The South Korean president’s remarks come after his government sent a provision of non-lethal supplies to Ukraine in 2022. These included helmets and body armor that Ukrainian troops have been using in their war against Russia.

Yoon also told reporters that Seoul will provide Kyiv with $150 million in humanitarian aid, following the $100 million provided in 2022. He pointed out his government will also cooperate with Ukraine on numerous projects, which would be backed by South Korea’s concessionary loans.

Responding to the South Korean president’s comments, Zelensky said that both governments are discussing every “important” detail for the “normal and safe life” of Ukrainians. He also thanked Yoon for his government’s “powerful” support. Different reports indicate that Yoon’s military and economic support pledge came after Zelensky asked him to boost this aid during their first meeting in May.

Yoon’s trip to Ukraine occurred after the South Korean president visited Poland and attended the NATO summit in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius. In both trips, he told local reporters that Seoul maintains its solidarity with the “people of Ukraine” against the Russian invasion.

South Korea is one of the leading US allies and is currently the ninth-biggest arms exporter in the world. As reported by the Swedish think tank Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Seoul has reached this position because of the military threat of North Korea. The think tank also pointed out that South Korea is making efforts to prevent arming Ukraine directly as it believes this could affect its arms exportation.

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