Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Three Judicial Nominees After Feinstein’s Return

( – The Senate Judiciary Committee passed three judicial nominees on Thursday after Democratic Senator from California Dianne Feinstein returned to her post. These nominees had been put on hold over the last few weeks because of Feinstein’s health-related absence, which prompted many Democrats to call for her resignation.

On Thursday morning, she attended the Senate meeting for 90 minutes and received an ovation from staff and senators. After that, the nomination votes were properly held, with the candidates on track for votes over the next few weeks.

At the beginning of the hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin said that everyone in the upper chamber feels “relief” for Feinstein’s return to Washington. He added that Senators wish her the best after going through some delicate health issues.

The three judicial nominees that were finally voted through the judiciary committee were Marian Gaston, nominated to become a California district judge; Charnelle Bjelkengren, who is tapped to become a Washington district court judge; and Kato Crews, who was previously nominated to become a Colorado district judge.

These three judicial nominees passed with only Democratic support, considering that every single GOP member on the panel voted against them. It was a controversial process as Crews didn’t know how to properly define a Brady motion, while Bjelkengren stumbled when she was asked to define Article 5 of the US Constitution, and Gaston was blasted over controversial writings she made about sex offenders in the past.

Prior to Feinstein’s return to the Senate, the panel advanced other three judicial nominations. These were Darrel Papillion, who is tapped to become a Louisiana district judge; Brendan Hurson, nominated to become a Maryland district judge; and Jeremy Daniel, nominated to become an Illinois district judge.

The Republican senators who voted to advance these nominations were Thom Tillis from North Carolina, John Kennedy from Louisiana, and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina.

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