Security Adviser Sounds Alarm On China’s Cuba Base

Security Adviser Sounds Alarm On China's Cuba Base

( – Former Trump administration’s national security adviser John Bolson claims that the military facilities China is building in Cuba represent a “red-flag” threat to America. In a July 1 op-ed he wrote for The Hill, Bolton explained that the possibility that the Chinese regime will create these facilities on the Caribbean Island needs to be addressed. He pointed out that even when Beijing says these are going to be made for military training, the facilities can camouflage delivery systems and “offensive weapons.”

On June 8, the Wall Street Journal revealed that Beijing and Havana had reached a “secret” deal to build an espionage facility on the island, which is located 100 miles from Florida. The report pointed out that it remains unclear in which parts of Cuba the facilities will be built. The Journal also pointed out that these facilities could gather electronic communications throughout the southeastern region of America.

On June 11, The Associated Press reported that a Biden administration official said negotiations between China and Cuba regarding the facility weren’t new. The person allegedly told the news outlet that this was already happening in 2019 during the Trump administration.

Eventually, in a June 20 report, Reuters said that White House officials told the news agency there are significant concerns over the facilities. They also noted that the Chinese regime could use these to house troops and plan military operations.

In his opinion piece, Bolton explained that while the US and Russia reached a deal of not deploying weapons in Cuba, there has never been a similar agreement with China. He said the Chinese regime could take advantage of this situation and deploy hypersonic cruise missiles, which are difficult to track, detect “and destroy.”

Given this situation, the former national security adviser said the White House should revoke diplomatic relations with the Cuban dictatorship. He added that the Biden administration should impose sanctions against Beijing as a “remedy” to this “escalation.”

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