Scott Reveals His Plan to Secure America’s Borders

Scott Reveals His Plan to Secure America's Borders

( – South Carolina Senator and Republican candidate Tim Scott revealed on August 23 during the GOP presidential debate what he would do to secure the country’s borders if he becomes president. The Republican leader said that one of the main steps would be firing 87,000 IRS employees who are currently funded by the Biden administration and replacing them with border agents. He said this would increase security at the southern border.

In his statement, Scott told the crowd in Milwaukee that another strategy would be doubling the number of Border Patrol agents. He also noted that, from the national security standpoint, the most “pressing need” of all Americans is to secure the southern border as soon as possible. The senator explained he came to this conclusion not only because of how the fentanyl crisis has led to 70,000 Americans dead but also because he watched the problem firsthand after visiting Yuma, Arizona.

In another part of this statement, the presidential candidate claimed the country is suffering a severe crisis, as there were six million “illegal crossings” since US President Joe Biden took office. He also said that 200 criminals on the US National Security Watchlist were captured at the border as they were trying to enter the country.

After that, Scott said it’s impossible to determine how many criminals on this watchlist have entered the country and are currently living “among us.” He then explained that the United States needs $10 billion to finish the border wall on the US-Mexico border, which he pointed out would be part of the solution to this crisis.

When asked how he would solve the immigration crisis, Scott said the solution would be finishing the border wall and enhancing surveillance at the southern border by investing $5 billion in military-grade technology.

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