San Diego Football Team Under Fire for Hazing

( – According to a Fox News August 29 report, the University of San Diego’s Toreros Football team is currently in hot water for hazing. This situation is taking place a couple of days before the beginning of the 2023 season when Toreros will play against Cal Poly.

As reported by the network, the University president James Harris III sent a letter to the team’s staff where he laid out different “degrees of disciplinary action” for nearly half of the team because of a hazing incident. The president noted that many players have already received “indefinite game suspensions” because of this matter. He pointed out that the school has already forwarded the final results of a preliminary probe to the police, and even hired an independent firm to conduct its own review.

In the letter, Harris III also said that news about numerous members of the university being accused of violating no-hazing policies is “deeply disturbing.” The president added he personally wants to “commend” those who recounted the incident, as they represent the integrity and “high character” that the university wants its students to have.

As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the university suspended all football activities a couple of minutes after the Toreros’ coach Brandon Moore was notified of these allegations. The newspaper revealed that different sources related to the matter confirmed that the university would impose varying degrees of discipline on those involved.

The Toreros’ coach already addressed bullying and hazing during a press conference last week. He said he felt “hurt and troubled,” and noted one of the players didn’t participate in team activities as he went home because he “needed to decompress.”

When asked about his status, Moore told reporters he couldn’t make any comment as the university was investigating the matter. However, the Toreros’ coach said that the “nature” of what happened isn’t indicative of football or how this sport “should be played.”

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