Russian News Editor Warns of Possible Preemptive Strike on the US

( – The editor of Russia’s National Defense newspaper, Igor Korotchenko, said on September 3 that the Kremlin could launch a “preventative limited” nuclear attack on the United States. During a televised interview on the Russian television show “60 Minutes,” the pro-Kremlin propagandist said that Moscow would take this step as a way to send an “important message” to “the Americans.” When asked what this message would be, he said not to “wage war” in Europe.

Korotchenko also noted that the Kremlin could execute this strike in response to NATO’s attacks against Russian civilian and military facilities. He explained that these nuclear strikes would be against numerous targets inside the United States. However, he didn’t specify which cities or states would be hit.

The entire interview was posted on social media by the adviser to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko. According to a Newsweek report, the threat comes in response to recent comments made by NATO’s Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, who said that Kyiv must retake Crimea as part of any triumph in the ongoing war.

During an August 31 interview with the media outlet, NATO’s senior member for logistics said that Ukraine needed to take Crimea back, as it would be impossible to rebuild its economy if Russia kept occupying this peninsula. He added that the Kremlin’s control of Crimea allows it to sabotage Mariupol and Berdyanks because of its direct presence in the Azov Sea.

In the “60 Minutes” show, Korotchenko also said that NATO and Washington are also threatening Moscow with the replacement of military equipment that could eventually be used against Russian cities and civilian populations. He added he believes that the White House is planning to strike military bases in Crimea “anytime soon.”

In response to these words, Hodge said in a September 4 statement that the United States should be “finally realizing” that the chances of Russia executing a nuclear strike are “extremely small.”

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