Russian, Chinese Ships Spotted Off Alaska, U.S. Navy Responds

Russian, Chinese Ships Spotted Off Alaska, U.S. Navy Responds

( – American authorities recently spotted 11 Chinese and Russian warships patrolling nearby international waters. The US Navy responded by sending destroyers to Alaska’s coasts to counter what some analysts have described as a provocation from Moscow and Beijing.

Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan said that the size of the Russian and Chinese joint operation was “unprecedented.” He also explained that the number of destroyers sent by the US Navy was four, pointing out these were specifically sent to the Aleutian Islands.

The destroyers included the USS Chung-Hoon, USS John McCain, USS John Finn, and the USS Benfold. Sullivan said that US aircraft were also deployed throughout that Russia-China exercise, which the United States has been tracking since it started back in June. US officials told CBS that the US Coast Guard also sent some of its ships to the Aleutian Islands.

In a statement, the US Northern Command noted that the Russian and Chinese patrol wasn’t considered a serious threat, as it remained in international waters. However, the command said that this show of force is “a reminder” that the two US geopolitical foes are cooperating in the area. It also stated this was a reminder of how close these regimes are to Alaska.

Far from being the first time Moscow and Russia have conducted this type of military cooperation, the two nations already had a similar joint exercise in September 2022. At that moment, the US Coast Guard announced it encountered seven Russian and Chinese ships near the Alaskan coast. The Coast Guard also said the vessels were in a single formation.

In a separate statement, China’s embassy explained that this patrol was part of an annual cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. It also noted that this joint exercise has nothing to do with the current regional and international situations the world is experiencing.

However, experts have pointed out that both regimes have increased their ties over the last few months, following tensions with Washington over Ukraine and Taiwan.

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