Russian Authorities Deny Visit to Imprisoned American Journalist

( – The Russian Foreign Ministry denied on Thursday a Washington request to make a consular visit to Evan Gershkovich. The American Journalist is currently in a Moscow prison after being detained by Russian authorities in Yekaterinburg on spying charges

The Foreign Ministry pointed out was denying this request as a response to the US decision of not granting visas to Russia’s reporters who wanted to attend Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s speech at the United Nations in New York. Additionally, the ministry said it informed the United States Embassy about its denial of granting consular access to Gershkovich, insisting he was detained “on suspicion of espionage.”

The American journalist was arrested in March after Russian authorities alleged he wanted to gain illegal access to classified information about an arms company that is playing a significant role in the invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s Federal Security Service, which is the intelligence agency that replaced Soviet-era KGB, accused Gershkovich of being a spy following orders from the White House.

The Wall Street Journal and the Biden administration have repeatedly rejected these accusations and have demanded his immediate release. The US State Department even declared that the American reporter was “wrongfully detained,” which is a major declaration that the White House tends to reserve for the most delicate scenarios.

The Biden administration continues to make efforts to receive a consular visit. However, Lavrov said that the Kremlin will never forget or forgive the White House’s decision to deny visas to Russian journalists. Washington responded that Moscow’s US mission members were reminded to submit proper applications early, adding that the visa denial came in response to Russia’s actions against the United States embassy in Moscow.

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