Russia Downplays Ukrainian Attack Against Prized Bomber

Russia Downplays Ukrainian Attack Against Prized Bomber

( – On August 22, the Ukrainian government released numerous pictures of what Kyiv claims to be a Russian bomber in flames following an attack from Ukraine’s Kamikaze drones. These images seem to undermine numerous claims by Russia’s Kremlin that the bomber only suffered minor damages.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement that the Kamikaze drones attacked the Soltsi air base, which is located in the Russian Novgorod region, on August 19. However, the ministry downplayed the impact of the incident, claiming the attack was quickly neutralized and the damages were minimal. It also noted that the drone’s attack resulted in a “minor” fire that damaged “a plane.” The ministry added that Russian authorities extinguished the fire almost “immediately.”

In the pictures published by the Ukrainian government, the plane looks wholly engulfed by flames. Ukrainian officials explained this resulted from a “successful” drone strike against one of the leading Russian bombers. The images also show a massive column of black smoke, which can be seen above the bomber, billowing into the sky.

In one of the pictures, an accompanying caption confirmed that the attack occurred at the Soltsi airfield, pointing out that the Russian plane that was hit was a Tu-22M3. The attack against the aircraft occurred a couple of months after the Ukrainian forces claimed to have received an attack from a Tu-22. This situation occurred in February when Kyiv alleged the Ukrainian military downed a cruise missile launched by a Russian strategic bomber from Belarus.

The Belarusian government has been one of the main allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the invasion of Ukraine. Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko even said he wouldn’t hesitate to use Russian nuclear weapons against Ukraine if his country is attacked. These comments came after the Kremlin deployed short-range nuclear weapons to Belarus, in what many considered a warning to the United States and NATO.

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