Russia Accuses Washington of Manufacturing Biological Weapons

Russia Accuses Washington of Manufacturing Biological Weapons

( – The Russian embassy in Washington recently accused the United States of wanting to harness the power of biological agents and create artificial epidemics. It also suggested that the White House is planning to take this step by conducting illegal experiments in numerous biolabs across the world.

In a statement, the Russian embassy said that the Kremlin has repeatedly been alarmed about the “gross violations” by Washington of “its own obligations” under the Biological Weapons Convention. This agreement prohibits these armaments and has been signed by almost every nation globally, including the United States and Russia.

The embassy claimed that, despite “this reality,” the United States keeps ignoring claims and even justifies itself by using “fake humanitarian components” in most of its programs. Additionally, the statement reads that Washington is using excuses that aren’t “connected” with reality.

Moreover, the Russian embassy in Washington said that the United States is scattering its illegal laboratories worldwide to enhance its biological weapons’ pathogenic capabilities. The embassy denounced that US authorities are taking these “dangerous” steps with complete impunity. It also claimed that the United States is doing this under the guise of “epidemiological” surveillance.

In another part of the statement, the embassy highlighted the US’s alleged biological activities inside Ukraine. It accused Washington of attracting other nations’ private companies and state institutions into these projects. It also claimed that the primary goal of the United States is to create biological crises anywhere in the world when needed. Additionally, the Russian embassy accused Washington of using military personnel and civilians not only as “biomaterial donors” but also as test subjects.

In the final part of the statement, the embassy claimed that these actions need “legal assessment” from international institutions. It also said Russia’s Defense Ministry has raised concerns about these alleged activities over the last few months.

Back in March, the Biden administration dismissed the original claims, stating the accusations are nothing more than “classic Russian propaganda.”

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