Republican and Democratic Senators Meet With President Zelensky in Ukraine

( – A group of Senators from the Democratic and the Republican parties, along with country music star Brad Paisley, met in Kyiv with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday, in order establish conversations about the Russian invasion and the way Ukrainian troops have managed to resist and prevent dictator Vladimir Putin from taking over this nation.

The bipartisan trio of American Senators was formed by Democrat Joe Manchin from West Virginia, Republican Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, and Democrat Mark Kelly from Arizona. The three of them were accompanied by Paisley, who currently works as an ambassador for the Ukrainian fundraising campaign United24.

In a press release, Senator Manchin expressed his conviction that the United States’ top priority is to aid Ukraine in defending itself against Russian aggression and ultimately defeating Putin’s ruthless war. His office also said that the US congressional delegation discussed other numerous topics with President Zelensky, including rebuilding Ukraine once the war ends, foreign assistance accountability and military readiness.

Manchin pointed out in his press release that Paisley gave a great performance that lifted everyone’s spirits. Earlier this year, the West Virginia country music star released a song named “Same Here” that included an interlude featuring a conversation between him and Zelensky. Following the song’s success, Paisley decided that its proceeds benefited the Ukrainian program United 24.

Regarding the meeting, Murkowski expressed that reuniting with President Zelensky to reaffirm the United States’ bipartisan support for the Ukrainian troops fighting against Russian aggression was an honor and an inspiration. Kelly also said he will keep working with his American colleagues to help Ukraine get the military aid they need “to win.”

After the meeting, President Zelensky said that Ukraine is fighting for democracy and freedom, which are two values they share with the United States. Moreover, he said Ukraine will achieve a historic victory.

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