Ramaswamy Surpasses DeSantis, Speaks Against Persecution of Trump

Ramaswamy Surpasses DeSantis, Speaks Against Persecution of Trump

(NationRise.com) – Conservative entrepreneur and presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently said that the indictments against former President Donald Trump are political persecution “through prosecution.” During an interview with Newsmax, Ramaswamy stated that he will pardon the former commander-in-chief if he wins, pointing out he would take this step on his first day in office.

The GOP leader made these remarks on the “American Agenda” show, where he spoke about his platform as a Republican candidate in 2024. Ramaswamy explained he’s not a Trump opponent in the GOP primary, admitting he’s far from the former president in all polls. He then said it was important for all Republicans to call the criminal proceedings against the former commander-in-chief for what he believes they are.

At one moment, Ramaswamy said the Department of Justice (DOJ) wouldn’t be executing this “persecution” against any man if his last name wasn’t Trump. After that, he told Newsmax that the presidential race would be easier for him if the former president wasn’t participating, as he’s the most popular candidate among Republicans.

When asked if Trump was being persecuted because of his political influence, Ramaswamy claimed this was the case. He then said the United States shouldn’t have a federal and “administrative police state” that persecutes its political opponents.

In another part of the interview, the conservative entrepreneur explained his stances on different issues, including his plan to solve the “root causes” of crime in the country. Ramaswamy said these problems stem not only from the way law enforcement agents are not properly allowed to do their job but also from a mental health crisis in the nation and illegal immigration.

While he made similar proposals as other candidates on the topic of illegal immigration, Ramaswamy had a different take on tackling mental health issues in the country. He said a good solution would be to reopen psychiatric institutions, as he noted many statistics revealed a correlation between the rise of “violent crime” and the “closure” of these institutions. Finally, he said this a problem that has been ignored as he claimed this is a topic many conservatives are afraid to “talk about.”

According to a recent Kaplan Strategies poll, Ramaswamy has passed fellow presidential candidate Ron DeSantis to secure second place amongst the GOP primary hopefuls.

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