Radical Leftist Intellectual Enters Bid For President

(NationRise.com) – Academic and radical left-wing activist Cornel West announced on Monday he was officially running for president in 2024 as a candidate of a third party. He explained his main goal was to end injustice and empower every single black person in the United States that has been “pushed to the margins.”

On his Twitter account, the scholar published a video where he said he will run for president representing the People’s Party. This one is a radical left-wing organization that was created in 2017 by activist Nick Brana. Many have criticized the party because of its extremist positions and numerous claims that it was financed by the Venezuelan socialist regime.

In the video, West blasted the Democratic Party and the Republican Party for being responsible for the current crisis that the United States is experiencing. He also criticized former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, who are the main favorites to win their parties’ nominations.

The 70-year-old academic said that the country is living “bleak times,” and that he decided to run for justice and truth. He also explained that the presidency of the United States is a vehicle to pursue justice and truth, which he claims is what he has been doing always.

West used to be a professor at Princeton and Harvard Universities. However, he became famous because of many bombastic claims and remarks in the mainstream media. One of the most notorious happened in 2016 when he said that then-president Barack Obama was a “war criminal” and that he was going to vote for Bernie Sanders.

On the official page of his presidential campaign, West laid out some of his main goals as president of the United States. He details that one of the main things he wants to accomplish is ending every war, as well as disbanding NATO. He added on its website that he will forgive every student debt, invest in clean energy, and expand Social Security.

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