Press Secretary Sidesteps Questions On Biden’s Health

( – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer questions about President Joe Biden’s public falls during a Tuesday press conference. This is the latest example of repeated action by the Biden administration every time the president has shown any sign of delicate physical health. Jean-Pierre has even clashed with reporters and journalists live on air when they asked about anything related to this problem, raising criticism against her.

During the daily press briefing, a reporter asked her about the on-stage fall President Biden had last Thursday at the graduation ceremony of the Air Force Academy. This was a moment that was caught on video and immediately became viral. Even former president Donald Trump had some words about this episode during a campaign speech in Iowa.

After asking the question, the reporter said that while anyone could trip “over an object,” people have watched the “difficulty” the president has in “certain things.” The reporter also said that the president’s claim that he got “sandbagged” was a lie, as there wasn’t any sandbag anywhere around him at the event.

Far from answering his question, Jean-Pierre told the reporter in an ironic manner that he paid “a lot of attention” to the president’s fall. The White House Press Secretary also said she didn’t pay any attention to it, so she was unable to deliver any response nor speak about that “particular moment.” She then started to speak about the commander-in-chief’s achievements over the last few years as she was signaling the press briefing was over.

However, the reporter claimed she wasn’t responding and asked her if she didn’t think it was important for Americans to know that their president is able to deliver. Jean-Pierre then responded that this was irrelevant as other US presidents had “similar situations” in the past. Shen then said President Biden did deliver and ended the press briefing.

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